Chapter 1: Insanity (Pilot)

Narrator/main character speaking "Since I was young, I would hear a woman's voice whispering from what seemed both far away and close by. She would call my name, but then... nothing else. I would try and respond to the voice.... but my efforts seemed in vain. I always though that it was my ears or mind playing tricks on me. But one day... one day I learned just how truly insane I really was."

*At this point I switch to a scene of the main character and his best bud going into an abandoned warehouse.

A tall, skinny man with dark/black hair and brown eyes wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans (the main, who I'll call "Jason" for now), is walking next to a shorter, but far more muscular man with brown hair and eyes wearing a red t-shirt and jeans (his buddy, who I'll call "Victor" for now).

Jason walks to an abandoned warehouse building, and jemmies open with something from his wallet. Also seen in his wallet is some money, some cards, an I.D that reads Jason Yates as well as his birth date and age and some other normal I.D info, and a picture of three people. One person looks like Jason, but with short military like hair. The other guy looks like Victor with longer hair that is tied up rather then hid mid length hair. The third person is a female. She is slender, shorter then Jason but taller then victor, and in a green and silver jacket. She has red hair and blue eyes and some freckles on her face. It is clear this picture was taken some time ago.

Victor looks to Jason as they enter the building and speaks in his deep, gravel like voice "Are you sure this is okay?" and Jason responds without looking back at Victor "Yeah,No one has been in this warehouse for ages." to which Victor replies "Then why are -WE- here?" Jason looks to his friend, who he has known since the first grade and says simply "I want to see if anything worth taking was left behind." Victor thought about this for a bit and spoke "Right... and you dragged me along why?" to which Jason replied "Your my muscle. And besides, if the cops manage to roll in for some reason and bust us I want my best buddy to go down with me." Victor rolls his eyes at Jason and says "Right..." as the two move deeper into the building.

The two walk about, looking in crates and boxes, trying to find anything of use. Pulling things out to show what they have found or saying that nothing of use in in the box. Things pulled out like toasters, mixers, can openers, and at one point Jason finds a box of sex toys. Dildos, ona-holes, and even a dakimakura (body pillow with an anime girl or guy on it). He them points out this box to Victor saying "Check this out, it's a forever alone kit." Victor just looks at him, raising one eyebrow "Really Jason? Well I guess you found the perfect thing for yourself after all" Victor chuckles and Jason scoffs back saying "Get bent" and Victor says back "With that stuff I think you'd be the one getting bent." and once more chuckles. Then there is a thud and Jason says to Victor "Did you hear that?" and Victor replies "Don't change the subject cause you have no comeback bro." Then a louder thud makes Victor whisper "Shit, some one else is here." Jason gets low and says "Just stay low and stay quiet. Lets try and get out of here before they see us." The two move and can overhear the other people talking. It seems these people are thugs and have been using this building as a base of sorts.

The thugs move though the building talking, one thug says "We have to get rid of some more of these boxes to make room for product. Start with the scrap metal in C5. Scrap is going for mint right now." One of the other thugs responds with "What about the sex toys in J3? I mean.... I feel uncomfortable with that stuff here. It grosses me out. Even if none of it was ever used." and the first thug says back "Those can go if we still need room after clearing out C5. Sex toys go for quite a bit as well." and the second thug shivers "To many perverts in the world" The first looks at him and says "We are street thugs, we sell drugs. We aren't much better." the second says "Well I'm not both a thug and a perv, so I have that." the first thug chuckles "Yeah, that you do. Just clear out stuff like the boss said when we got here." Jason moving about knocks a can off a shelf. "Damn....." and the thugs look over to the sound, one saying "That sound was in J5 I think. Send a few to check it out." the other saying back "Odds are we have rats or cockroaches again. So gross." but takes some thugs that way anyway. Jason looks to where Victor was, only to see he has moved many rows the other way and Jason whispers to himself "Damn it Victor. Going for the exit I'm not, splitting us up. I am going to slap you silly when we get to safety."

Jason keeps moving till he spotted moving though a row of crates and a thug yells "We got intruders" and starts shooting. Jason ducks for cover behind the crates and Victor heads to Jason without notice "What the hell Jason? I thought you said to try not to be seen." Jason looks to Victor "Why did you go the other way you little shit? I was going to one exit and you just had to go the other way." the two over hear the boss as he walks in and yells "Take them alive. I want to know who got in here and who they are working for." Jason says to Victor "Well at least they plan to take us a live. You know, so they can torture us." Victor looks back to Jason "This is not the time for jokes, there still shooting at us with bullets. How do you plan to get us out of here." Then Jason hears a female voice "Your such a clumsy person. I mean you knew they where here and you knocked over a can." Jason looks around, not seeing anyone there. The female voice then yells "Move!" and Jason takes Victor over a bit as whatever was in the crate they were behind blew up. The thug boss yells "I said alive you imbeciles!" the thugs apologize and move in closer to the two. Victor says to Jason "Good timing bud. How'd you know that box would go up like that." Jason looks to Victor and says "Uhh..... Not sure. Just be happy we lived. We might have to fight though this." The thug boss then yells "Switch to bats, don't even use guns." Victor looks to Jason "Well we at lest have a chance now."

Jason hears the female voice "They'll kill you anyway. You have to do something." Jason says aloud "I know, I'm thinking. Just give me a bit of time." Victor is a bit confused at first and says "Think fast then Jason, we don't have much time." The female voice chimes in "Let me help you. Together we can do this. Hear me out Jason. Just focus.... focus on the thought of water" Jason responds "If this place flooded a bit it would distract the thugs." Victor says to Jason "How you going to flood the place, there's not really a container of water here." The female voice speaks to Jason "There is water in the air, focus and make it liquid again. Make it rain. Just... try not to make it that noticeable." Jason responds "I must be insane..." but tries it anyway. After a bit some of the thugs complain about the place flooding "The building seems to be taking on water boss." The boss says "What? How? There should be no way this place is flooding. I'm going to take a team around the other way." He then takes three thugs and starts to go around. Victor then says to Jason "Good job, now we are going to be surrounded. What have you got now?" Jason simply states. "Just got to go all out. Wait for it..... Now!" Jason waits till the boss is out of view and jumps over the crate and runs at the thugs and starts attacking them. Hand to Hand. Victor follows soon. Sometimes the thugs fall over, as what seems to be a snake made out of water coils around there legs and trips them or the water freezes on there feet to stop them for a bit before Jason hits them. "It's hard to focus on so many at once..... ugh.... even with this I don't know if it'll be enough." The woman's voice responds. "I'll take care of the water and ice, just focus on getting out alive." In the background someone is watching from the shadows, then as we focus back on the fight the boss yells "Change of plans, kill them!" Jason kicks the thug he's fighting down before running passed Victor, decking the guy he's fighting and grabbing Victor and running out with him. "Time to go" Jason tells Victor as he grabs him and runs out.

"What the hell man, I had him" Victor complains to Jason. Jason replies "They started shooting as I ran. I just saved your ass. I'll meet up with you later, let's spit for now and keep low." Victor sighs before saying "Yeah, I'll see you later man. Next time we do something crazy I'll be dressed more comfortably." Jason waves as he starts to run off and yells "Yeah, normal casual does not suite you anyway." After running for a bit he stops in a nice closed off area and stops to rest, Painting from exhaustion. "What... the hell... was that?" Jason says out loud knowing no one is near. The female voice talks to him once more "I just saved your life thank you vary much. I can't have you dying on me now. I put in a lot of work into this you know." Jason responds to her out loud "Into what? Ugh. I must me insane talking to a voice in my head." The woman responds back "Work into you. Also I'm real. Let me introduce my self." A somewhat transparent woman in a simple blue hoodie that is unzipped and a cropped top under it to cover her slightly above average size tits with tight fitting jeans for the bottom. She drops her hood and you can clearly see the face of a pale yet elegant woman with long black hair put into pigtails. "I am Poseidon, the male representation of the Trident of the Sea God. A weapon that is now bound to you." Jason blinks for a bit before saying anything, then says "Uhhh... I don't know if you can see or hear yourself but... your clearly female." The woman looks herself over before saying "What?! This is not right, this is not right at all! You're male so I should be male. Oh god, somethings wrong, something went wrong with the bond." She freaks out a bit before calming down "No, everything's fine, everything's going to be fine. Just... something new for the first time in forever. Let me reintroduce myself then. I am Neptuna, the FEMALE personification of the Trident of the Sea God. The weapon that is now bound to your soul." Jason blinks a few times before saying "Now I know I'm crazy cause your kinda cute and sexy. I have a lot of questions but they can wait till I get home." Jason starts to walks and Neptuna floats following him with a light blush "Cute and sexy?" She shakes her head "Anyway, I might not be able to give you all your answers, but I'll do my best." Jason simply nods and keeps walking. Neptuna continues "You seem really calm about this, and that's odd. No one has been this calm since the first time I got a vessel." Jason responds "I'm just... really tired and worn out. If your still there when I wake up later I'll ask questions then. First of them will be why I know your voice." Neptuna thinks before saying "Well I have been trying to reach you for some time, I've been here since you where really little. I wanted to be able to mold you from a young age but that seemed to flop." Jason keeps walking, simply saying "Alright" as he does so. After a bit he gets to his home.

Jason walks unto his home and walks to the kitchen, making himself something to eat. Taking out what seems to be leftover scraps and tossing something together before heating it up in the microwave. He takes spaghetti noodles, puts butter on them, then some cheese. Neptuna says in a questioning voice "I thought you were going to bed." Jason just responds with "I'm hungry, so I'll eat something before going to bed. I don't need a voice in my head questioning every little thing I do thank you." He then goes and sits down eating. Neptuna then says "This is quite good for something you just tossed together out of scraps. You seem quite skilled when it comes to minimalist living." Jason simply responds with "Thanks, I've had quite a bit of practice." He then eats the rest of his food in silence before putting the dishes in the sink and going down to his room. and setting up his bed. "I'm going to go to bed now, so don't talk while I'm asleep, no matter what." Neptuna tries to protest "But-" she is cut off by Jason "No matter what" he says with more emphasis. He then gets into bed and shuts his eyes with the translucent projection of Neptuna still floating there. After a bit she fades away.

Back at the warehouse, a figure in the shadows is looking over the flooded warehouse. After someone yells orders to clear out before the cops come the shadowed figure says "So, you have finally returned Poseidon..... After all these years. This is going to be interesting. Interfering in my work, messing with my crop. What are you up to Poseidon?"

[End of chapter]