Deus Armatus is a little... project I am working on. A story all my own. I'll be putting it here in my sandbox so that I have a place for it. I would like for this story to be made into a comic, or an anime, or both. But it is far from that point, so till then I will post chapters in a novel or page RP format to have it all laid out.

Rules of the world

  • The weapons are part of the soul, and are always there with the user who can call on it's power.
  • The weapon is reborn again and again in a new user, and the weapon even has a human like personification that normally takes the form of the same gender as the user.
  • The reason for this is so the spirit of the weapon can find a new permanent vessel befitting of the weapon's spirit, once found the user becomes a god.
  • There are many weapons but twelve legendary ones based on the twelve Olympian gods on the counsel.
  • The weapon's personifications are named after the Greek/Roman gods with the genders being normal/opposing respectively.
  • Most of these weapons have elemental powers that work with the theme
  • The ones based on the big three of the gods are meant to be the three strongest but weapon and user both matter.

The weapons I've come up with so far

  • The Spear of the Storm God, Lightning and Wind, Zeus/Jupiter. (Male holder to start off)
  • The Scythe of the Undergod, Darkness and Earth, Hades/Pluto. (Isra is the name of the person who will start off with Pluto)
  • The Trident of the Sea God, Water and Ice, Poseidon/Neptuna. (Main/Jason)
  • The Hammer of the Forge God, Fire and Earth, Hephaestus/Valcana. (Male holder to start off)
  • The Sword of the War God, Fire, Ares/Mara. (Male holder to start off)
  • The Sickle of the Harvest God, Earth and Water, Demeter/Ceres. (Male holder to start)
  • The Shield of the Protector God, Wind and Fire, Athena/Minerva. (Female holder to start)
  • The Queue of the Party God, Water and Wind, Dionysus/Bacchus. (Male holder)
  • The Harpoon(chain-gun) of the Love God, Water, Aphrodite/Venus. (Female holder)
  • The Bow of the Moon God, Water and Darkness, Artemis/Diana. (Female)
  • The Crossbow(wrist mounted) of the Sun God, Fire and Light, Apollo. (Male)
  • The Whip of the Marriage God, Light, Hera/Juno. (Female)


  • The Mirrored Katana of the Maiden God, Light and Darkness, Amaterasu. (Female)
  • The Coil of the Magic God, all/none, Hecate. [This weapon is based on the weapon Viola has in Soul Caliber, as well as the wrist device in Star Gate] (Female)
  • The Chainsaw-sword of the Wrathful God, Water and Lightning, Susanoo. (Male)
  • The Candelabra of the Night God, Darkness and Fire, Nyx/Nox. (Female)
  • The Cudgel of the Snow God, Ice and Light, Chione. [Think of a giant two handed tenderizing hammer with a pick on the other end, you'll get the idea] (Female)
  • The Shotgun(s) of the Sky Hunter God, Wind, Horus. (Male)
  • The Iron Ball of the Earth God, Earth, Jord/Fjorgyn (Female)
  • The Naginata(three part staff) of the Lightning God, Lightning, Raijin. (Male)
  • The Claw(s) of the Ice Dragon God, Ice, Kuraokami. (Female)


  • The Bindings of the Imprisoned God, None, Typhon [Wrist shackles, Ankle shackles, Waist shackles, Metal straitjacket, Mussel.] (Male)

Some prologue story stuff

Long ago, gods ruled over primitive man. However, the time came when man no longer had faith and the gods along with there power started to wain. To save themselves they had magic weapons made and placed there energy into them. These weapons in an energy form would then bind to the soul of a mortal. Once bound the power and weapon would at some point become accessible, along with the divine. They would guide and help the person in order to make them into the perfect vessel to become a new god. However the vessel has to be right for the god. If the vessel dies or is found unworthy the weapon moves on.

Chapter 1: Insanity