Ginger Redwood
Character Intel
First appearance
  • Human
Hair color
  • Red
Eye color
  • Blue
Blood type
  • A-
  • Female
  • 21
Date of birth
  • 02/01/XIX95
  • 5'6"
  • 180-ish
  • Assistant teacher
  • Babysitter
  • None
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • None
Skills & Traits
  • Really stubborn
  • Tomboyish
  • Mechanics
Abilities & Powers
  • None known
Disabilities & Weaknesses
  • None known


Ginger is a somewhat larger then average but still lovely looking young woman with red hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. She is often seen in a blue jacket with grey/silver ascents on over a sea green shirt and jeans.


Ginger is kind hearted, but can also be stubborn. A bit tomboyish, Ginger gets along better with guys than most girls. Ginger does not mind getting dirt or grease on her and does not sweat breaking a nail one bit. Though she can dress up girly, she normally chooses not to do so. She is very protective of her friends and family.


Ginger first met Jason in high school in her first year there. At this time Jason was recovering from depression and was not being at all social. He was just a friend of a friend, a total stranger. Even so she felt the need to reach out and help him, eventually by being really stubborn, she managed to befriend and even get a hug out of the broken Jason. Having helped him in his recovery, Jason opened up to Ginger and the two became like siblings. Jason had a little crush on her at the time, but Ginger oddly enough thought that Jason was a homosexual. Later on the two both excepted that they were like soul siblings, Jason seeing his love for her was less of the romantic kind.


Ginger sometimes help her dad out when it came to fixing up cars and bikes, so she knows a thing or two about an engine.

Abilities & Powers

Ginger is not a holder of a Deus, and thus has no powers herself. Thus she is not taken out in combat with Jason.


  • Ginger Redwood.... two thumbs up for a generic name for a red head lol. But the last name 'Rosewood' is taken from that of a very small town in Wisconsin called 'Wild Rose' that I always misnamed. You could drive though it and not even know it.
  • Ginger is a sub-main protagonist in Deus Armatus
  • Ginger is based heavily on a real life buddy of mine >.>
  • Ginger and Jason see one another as siblings, and that is not going to change, ever
  • The pic of three people in chapter one has Ginger in it, but she is much thiner. This indacates that Ginger was not always her BBW self.