Jason Yates
Character Intel
First appearance
  • Human
Hair color
  • Black
Eye color
  • Brown
Blood type
  • AB+
  • Male
  • 23
Date of birth
  • 06/03/XIX93
  • 6'3
  • 165
  • Various
  • Cooking
  • Gaming
  • Tomas Yates - father
  • Bonnie Yates - mother
  • Tasha Yates - half sister
  • Liberty Yates - sister
  • Theseus Yates - eldest brother
  • Khrysaor Yates - older brother
  • various nieces and nephews
  • Victor Argyris - childhood friend and soul brother
  • Ginger Rosewood - soul sister
  • Neptuna - female personification of Jason's Deus Armatus
  • Swimming
  • Eating
  • Cooking
  • Gaming
  • Insects
  • Thorny plants
  • Trident of the Sea God - Neptuna
Skills & Traits
  • Hand to hand combat
  • Melee combat
  • Ranged combat (archery, normal and compound bows)
  • Tactical mind
  • Cooking
  • Swimming
  • Gaming
Abilities & Powers
  • Can take quite the beating
  • Can create water or ice
  • Control over water and ice
  • Can use his powers to make projectiles
    • make platforms
    • make armor
    • to help in evasion
    • to help in melee attacks
    • make other constructs
    • to slow descent in a fall
    • and many other things
Disabilities & Weaknesses
  • None known at this time


Jason is a tall, pale, skinny-lean man with long dark/black hair that is tied into a ponytail and brown eyes. He is often seen wearing a blue t-shirt over a grey tank top and jeans. Later on he wears an old looking, thick, button up hooded jacket with large copper buttons over everything else. Sometimes he'll wear a grey t rather then a blue one under the hood.


Jason is a kind, caring young man who often makes sacrifices for the benefit of those close to him. He is honest, almost to a fault as he can come off as blunt and brash. He is not shy when it comes to telling someone his opinion in any given mater. When making a point he makes sure he is heard, often dominating the conversation. Jason seems like a born leader at times, with his tactical mind he is vary organized. Jason tries his best to cover all the bases when thinking something over. Not all that physically strong, Jason relies on his superior intellect to solve his problems and get though fights. Mostly serious and vary mature for his age, he shows his more childish side to those that he knows well.


Jason Yates has always been a lanky, scrony man, only able to build some lean muscle. Extremely smart and clever from a young age Jason found it hard to make friends till he met Victor Argyris, a larger more build kid with broad shoulders and a tendency to talk philosophy. The two met in the first grade and have been inseparable since then. Other then some shenanigans Jason has lived a mostly normal life. Sometimes hearing a voice from the distance calling his name, his life was flipped like a table when he found out that the voice was that of Neptuna, the female god tied to a weapon that was tied to his soul. Now a holder of a Deus Armatus, Jason must find out what exactly that means for him and his life from here on.


Jason is lightly trained in a number of martial arts as well as weapon use, even having had exeled in archery in school, giving him an amount of training in old fashioned fighting even before his weapon was awoken. He is also a good cook and a quick swimmer on his own as these were hobbies for him. Another hobby he has is gaming, and he is quite good at it, mostly thanks to his tactical mind.

Powers & Abilities

Jason is the welder of the Trident of the Sea God, and as such has power over water and ice. Jason can create and manipulate ice in a number of ways including evasion, melee and close range attack, projectile and long range attacks, as well as defense and to build constructs. He can also summon his weapon at any time he needs it.

Jason can also take quite a bit of the beating, even before his weapon awakened.


  • Jason's first name is a name I have always liked, as well as the name of a Greek hero. His last name was chosen from a random name generator list
  • Jason is the main protagonist in Deus Armatus
  • Jason is heavily based on myself >.>