Victor Argyris
Character Intel
First appearance
  • Human
Hair color
  • Black
Eye color
  • Brown
Blood type
  • O+
  • Male
  • 23
Date of birth
  • 06/29/XIX93
  • 5'5
  • 300
  • Demolition
  • Custodian
  • Foam sword creation
  • Foam gun modification
  • Sowing/tailoring
  • parents (mother)
  • younger brother
  • younger sister
  • Jason Yates - childhood friend and soul brother
  • Foam sword creation
  • Foam gun modification
  • Talking philosophy
  • Sowing/tailoring
  • Thunder/lightning
  • Hailstorms
  • Fists (hand to hand)
Skills & Traits
  • Hand to hand combat
  • Melee combat (foam arms)
  • Ranged combat (foam arms)
  • Foam sword creation
  • Foam gun modification
Powers & Abilities
  • Can take quite the beating
  • Physically strong/muscular
Disabilities & Weaknesses
  • Somewhat physically weak heart from birth (reduces cardiovascular stamina and max output, causes light to serious chest pains at times of heavy/long term exertion)


Victor is a somewhat short, darker skinned, broad shouldered and muscular man with dark/black hair and brown eyes. He is often seen wearing a hand made black with red striped vest over a plain red t shirt and hand made parachute pants with hand made sashes and slip on shews. Most of Victor's outfit is stuff Victor made using scrap cloth.


Despite his large and muscular appearance, Victor can wax philosophical with the best of them. He is also a kind hearted man who'll do anything for the few he calls friends. Though most do not understand him, not like they try that hard to though.


Victor's grandfather was a Greek man who came to the US and wed a Mexican and had kids. One of whom was Victors dad who married a Native girl. Victor was born with a bad heart, but still managed to develop broad shoulders and become muscular. Victor has a nack for overcoming the odds, even from a young age. The doctors thought he'd die in the first year, and when he lived they said he'd die before he was 18. After that the doctors said he should be fine and live a close to normal if not somewhat shorter life. Despite that Victor lives as fully as he can. Victor has few friends as he was often picked on do to the way he talks and things and the fact few can keep up with him. So when he met the young but clever Jason in the first grade it was like they were meant to be bros. And that was it, the start of a friendship that would last a lifetime.


Victor is mostly self trained in combat, more so in hand to hand the other ways he fights. He often practice faught using foam swords and other foam weapons with Jason giving him somewhat practical melee training. Victor is also a partly proper partly self taught tailor, he makes a good number of his own clothes out of scrap cloth.

Powers & Abilities

Victor can take quite a bit of a beating as well as dish one out making him a descent fighter in normal combat. However since he does not have a Deus, Jason does not take him into fights with any non-normal people.


  • Victor's name reminds me of the word 'Victorious', so it's a good pick for a good guy. Also, Victor's last name means 'gold' in Greek
  • Victor is based heavily an a real life buddy of mine >.>
  • Victor is a sub-main protagonist in Deus Armatus
  • In the story, Victor's mother is the descendant of the brother of Jason's Native grate-grandmother. Victor's Mexican grandmother is also the sister of the father of the man that married Jason's half sister. So Jason and Victor are sort of actually blood related.